The cruising schedule for the Club starts in March or April as the temperatures begin to warm. The first cruise of the year is eagerly anticipated as members shake off those winter chills and enjoy the spring season in Coastal Georgia. A variety of cruises are scheduled this year.  We try to take advantage of long holiday weekends for our cruise events, giving us all time to arrive, enjoy, and return to home base. 


In between the holiday long weekend cruises, we find time to visit other coastal destinations depending on our cruise chair’s selections.  Some are just weekend events, others involve more time and distance for those who can do so.

Cruise Chair: Larry Sprague


The Club produces a monthly newsletter, the Rhumb Line.  This publication is mailed to all members, as well as other sail clubs in the area.  Both this website and our newsletter serve as the mediums through which our members are apprised of upcoming events, needs and news of the Club, as well as news about its members.  There is a "For Sale" column where members can list boat-related items for sale.  Yearly sponsorship for a business card-sized ad is $100.00. 

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